Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wedding Day

Alyssa and Annaliese before the wedding.. I think.....

Caitlin and Gramps dancing

Seth, Alyssa, Karen and Annaliese dancing the night away.

First Dance as a married couple

More kissin cousins

Groom's mom helping out

Kissing cousins

Sam and Seth

Gramps and Gramps with grandchidren

The proud parents of the bride.

The proud parents of the groom..

Two of the ushers..Shawn and Seth

Alyssa and Gramps

Annaliese, Don and Caitlin

Just a few pictures from the wedding and reception.....

Rehearsal Dinner in May

The Happy Couple...Karla and Gary

Max and Alyssa
Seth, Sam and Karen
Lori and Rod
Alyssa and Kirk (back row)
Max, Rod, Seth (front row)
Seth, Grams, Gramps and Kirk

Seth and Caitlin
Don and Annaliese
Caitlin, Seth, Annaliese, and Kirk

Gina, Annaliese, Caitlin

As most of you know, my brother finally decided it was time to get MARRIED. Yes, I said married!!! I was very excited for Karla and Gary. I have added a lot of pictures due to many family member looking at the blog. I hope the rest of you enjoy them as I do.
Our whole family had not all been together for several years so we crammed a lot of memories into just a few wonderful days. Yes, that meant lots of pictures!
We had an amazing dinner on the patio at Sadies (Mexican food, of course). Although, it was a little chilly we had a wonderful time.

CHS Track 2008

John, Kirk and Dunnae

Kirk participated in CC, Basketball and Track his freshman year. He received his varsity letter in CC and Track. Well done Kirk!!

2008 Grand Lake Fishing

Well, I think the Williams' boys are starting a tradition. They ventured down to Grand Lake to catch Spoon Bill. I stay away as it is a great bonding time for the guys. This year they did not have the perfect weather as last year. They had to make a trip to Wal-Mart for some clothing to keep them warm and dry!

Quiz Time...

Is Alyssa on the right or left???

Bitty Basketball 2008

Shawn coached Seth's bitty basketball team and they have a GREAT year. They were undefeated yet again!!! That makes two years they didn't lose a game.
I can't seem to find the picture so I will post last years..Sorry

Kirk's 15!!!

Well, 15 years ago on January 19 we were blessed with a wonderful little boy. He was a wonderful baby and only lived in his first house 10 days and then we moved into our new house in the country. He had his own room decorated in a Noah's Ark Theme.
Okay much for looking back...
We had just a family celebration a week early because Alyssa had come home for a visit. He requested Shish-k-bobs and Rum Cake.